12th IACM Conference
on Cannabinoids
in Medicine
1st SSCM Conference
on Cannabis
in Medicine


General terms and conditions


The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH (organizer), henceforth referred to as Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH,
holds exhibitions, trade fairs and other programs, henceforth referred to as ‘events.’ Additionally, the

word ‘customer’ refers to an exhibitor, sub-exhibitor or visitor. Customer’ refers to an exhibitor, sub-
exhibitor or visitor.

1. Registration

In order to register, please complete the online forms issued by the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH.
Admission to the event is granted following confirmation by eMail. The contract between the Cannabis
Medicinalis GmbH and the customer then comes into effect. The management board of the Cannabis
Medicinalis GmbH makes decisions concerning admission to the various events.

2. Terms of Payment

Stands and sponsorship package: 50 % of the invoice total is due for payment 14 days following
receipt of the invoice, at the latest. The remaining sum and any additional costs incurred must be
transferred 60 days prior to the commencement of the respective event.

Tickets: 100 % of the invoice total is due for payment 14 days following the receipt of the invoice and,
at the latest, 10 days prior to the commencement of the respective event.

Valid for all services: In the event of a late payment, the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH reserves the right
to re-let, re-sell or transfer a service. Any deposit payments already made remain the property of the
Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH. Any debts outstanding from the concluded contract remain unchanged.
Payments must be made in full and in Swiss francs to the bank account stipulated by Cannabis
Medicinalis GmbH. The transfer fees must be covered by the customer and reimbursed, where
appropriate, to the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH immediately. Stand set-up options and the purchasing
of exhibitor and visitor passes are only available following receipt of the invoice total. The billing and
payment of value-added tax (VAT) are also mandatory for customers from abroad. Any last-minute
additional services ordered by the customer are to be paid for in cash at the start of the relevant event.
The Swiss Code of Obligations applies, particularly with respect to the right of retention.

3. Stands, Escape Routes and Materials

Plans may change based on the specific features of the hall. Hall pillars will be avoided wherever
possible but are classed as part of the exhibition stand space. Only the marked stand areas may be
used for exhibiting and all escape routes must be free from obstructions.

For customers (exhibitors) with their own stand construction materials, dividing walls are required in all
cases to separate individual stands. These can be hired from the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH if
required. Advertising on the open sides of the stand is permitted from a wall height of 3m but walls
facing other stands must remain neutral. All stand construction materials must meet the Swiss
provisions for trade fair stands and must only be made from e.g. flame-retardant materials. Any
unsuitable materials must be removed, and any non-permissible stand structures must be dismantled.
Open flames are not permitted. Tent structures and metal constructions must be equipped with
potential equalization.

The exhibitor agrees to strictly abide by all legal, police and safety regulations and to follow the rules
of the exhibition hall. Changes to the stand walls, hall walls, flooring and to any other objects not
owned by the exhibitor are prohibited. This particularly pertains to fastening objects using nails, screws
and adhesives, welding, painting and wallpapering. This list is not exhaustive. However, this list is not

4. Joint Stands

Joint stands are permitted so long as one customer (primary exhibitor) is responsible for all matters
and is liable for all financial obligations to the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH.

5. Withdrawal/Rescission

All cancellations must be made in writing and confirmed in writing by the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH.
In the case of cancellations made up to 4 months prior to the event, 50% of all payment costs are
owed. The full costs are due for payment in the event of a cancellation made less than 4 months
before the date of the relevant event. The cost of any work already completed must be paid in all.
The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH reserves the right to immediately cancel the contract if the customer
does not meet the payment obligations on time. Any deposit payments already made remain the
property of the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH. Any debts outstanding from the concluded contract remain

The stands must be set up by the time specified in the online documents for the relevant event. If the
stand has not been occupied by the customer by this time, the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH is entitled
to allocate the stand space to someone else. The calculated stand rental fee remains due for payment,
whatever the case. The costs of converting or decorating the stand area are to be covered by the

6. Cancellation/Changes

The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH does not accept any liability for cancellations or changes beyond its
control. This relates, in particular, to force majeure and other regulations issued by the authorities. In
such cases, there is no entitlement to request a discount or refund of the invoice amount.

If the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH decides to cancel, relocate or postpone the event of its own accord,
i.e., without force majeure or regulations issued by the authorities playing a part, the customer is
entitled to cancel their participation in the event within 10 days of being notified by the Cannabis
Medicinalis GmbH. The special event terms relating to epidemics/pandemics remain unaffected.

Epidemics/pandemics, current COVID-19 situation

When booking a stand / sponsorship package, 10% of the invoice total will be retained as a
reservation fee and risk contribution. Should the event be cancelled, bookings without any additional
costs can be transferred across to the date of the postponed event (date tba) or else the booking can
be cancelled. If a cancellation is requested, 90% of the invoice total will be refunded immediately and
10% will be retained by the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH to cover expenses.

Visitors have the same option as exhibitors and sponsors but will be refunded 100% of their fee in the event of a cancellation.

7. Timings

The timings allocated for set-up, dismantling as well as opening are detailed in the online documents
for the respective event and must be strictly observed. In particular, the stands must be built and set
up by the time specified in the online documents. Stands can only be cleared away after the event

8. Advertisement

Advertising away from one’s own stand requires the express permission of the Cannabis Medicinalis
GmbH. Any unauthorized advertising will be removed by the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH at the
expense of the responsible customer. The distribution of advertising materials is only permitted in the
area of one’s own stand. Visitors are not allowed to distribute, display or put up any promotional

9. Music

It is not permitted for music to be played via one’s own music system(s).

10. Power Connections

Power connections will be installed by the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH. Any attached lights and
equipment must not be of a higher wattage than stated. The distribution boxes in the hall must remain
freely accessible.

11. Security

Customers are responsible for supervising their stand and products during set -up and dismantling and
during the event itself. The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH accepts no liability for any losses or damage
which may occur at the venue.

12. Tidying

Customers must agree to avoid generating waste. Rubbish bags are made available for purchase at the
event at the reception. Exhibitors must not leave any materials behind following the dismantling of the
stand. The cost of removing any waste left behind will be charged to the appropriate exhibitor.

13. Exhibitor and Visitor Passes

The number of passes per customer is outlined in the online documents for the event in question.
Additional passes can be purchased for the specified ticket price.

Passes and wristbands should be collected from the event or the trade fair office or from reception
prior to the commencement of the event. The wristbands must be worn on the wrist for the duration of

the trade fair and must be shown to security staff on request. A new wristband can be issued free -of-
charge each day from the event or the trade fair office or the business counter or from reception, provided that the previously worn wristband is cut off and handed in.

14. Products

The customer agrees not to exhibit, sell or give away illegal substances of any kind. Any breach of this
regulation will result in the responsible party being removed from the event and billed for the cost of
any consequential damages or additional expenditure. Costs will not be reimbursed.

15. Catering

The catering will be provided exclusively by the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH or a contract partner of
the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH. The sale and trade of food and drink for direct consumption at the
event requires the prior written approval of the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH.

16. Filming and Photography

The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH reserves the right to film and click photographs across the event site
and to use these videos and images for its corporate publications or for general publication.
The customer shall waive the right to any and all objections relating to industrial prope rty rights in this
regard, particularly copyright law and the law against unfair competition.

17. Prohibition of Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the event rooms. Smoking is only permitted in outdoor areas. Customers are
responsible for ensuring that visitors respect this prohibition on smoking in the area around their stand.
The staff of the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH should be informed immediately if any visitors are found to
be in breach of this regulation. The customer is responsible for any damages ca used to the Cannabis
Medicinalis GmbH as a result of a violation of the smoking ban.

18. Insurance and Liability

In the case of damage to people or property caused by the customer or their staff, only the responsible
customer is liable. The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH and its staff are liable for damage of all kinds in
the case of willful intent or gross negligence only. The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH recommends that
customers take out their own insurance as appropriate.

19. Defects and Complaints

Any complaints should be reported to the organizer immediately so that a solution can be found. Claims
submitted to the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH later than 7 days from the conclusion of the event will no
longer be considered.

20. Management Rules

Instructions issued by employees of the hall rental company and the Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH must
be followed at all times. Failure to follow these instructions may lead to the customer in question being
excluded from the event, with no entitlement to a reimbursement of costs.

21. Place of Jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction is the headquarters of Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH, Lorrainestrasse 13,
3013 Bern (Switzerland). Swiss law shall apply exclusively.

22. Organizer

The Cannabis Medicinalis GmbH, Lorrainestrasse 13, 3013 Bern (Switzerland)

23. Severability Clause

Should any individual terms of the contract, including these regulations, prove ineffective, either in whole or in
part, or should any loopholes in the contract be identified, the effectiveness of the remaining terms and conditions
remain unaffected. The ineffective conditions will be replaced by the relevant legal regulations. In the absence of such regulations, the contract shall be interpreted or adapted in such a way that the parties’ intended objectives when concluding the contract can be implemented as would have been the case if it had been possible to apply
the invalid or unenforceable condition, insofar as is legally permissible.